«Regulatory Framework for Water Reuse», Funded by: The Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Athens (EYDAP S.A.), 2021 – Today, Coordinator: P. Gikas.

The Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Athens (EYDAP S.A.) has invited the Technical University of Crete, for drafting the Regulatory Framework for Water Reuse, for the areas of responsibility of EYDAP S.A. The project will be coordinated by the Professor Dr. Petros Gikas, of the School of Environmental Engineering. This will be the first Regulation for the Operation of Water Reuse Projects to be adopted by a Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Greece, and will essentially serve as a guide for the creation of the Regulatory Frameworks for Water Reuse for other companies operating in the same area.

The duration of the project is 18 months. The contract prompts for the composition of a comprehensive report, which is going to summarize:

  • Recording of the regulations for the quality of reclaimed water, in various regions of the globe.
  • Recording of the legal framework for water reuse in Greece.
  • The regulations governing water reclamation and water supply networks for reclaimed water, by various water management companies.
  • The pricing policy in various regions, in relation to water reuse.
  • The appropriate disinfection processes, especially in relation to the prevailing ambient temperatures during the summer months.
  • Recording of the appropriate technologies for monitoring the quality of reclaimed water.
  • Methodologies for managing the reclaimed water during the wet period, when there is no need for irrigation (eg. during the winter months).
  • The experiences from problems related with the acceptance of water reuse, by the public and by various social and professional groups and the way they have been resolved.

Subsequently, the Operating Rules for Water Recovery, Reuse, Storage and Distribution facilities will be drafted, and will be published by the Government Gazette, thus they will finally govern the operation of EYDAP S.A.