«Pilot scale investigation for energy production from solid waste remaining, using the gasification process», Funded by: United Association of Solid Waste Management for Crete, 2020 – Today, Coordinator: P. Gikas

Under the funding of the Region of Crete, a pilot development of a gasification unit will be carried out for the utilization of the solid waste residues produced in the Municipality of Heraklion. The installation will be created in the Circular Economy Park of Heraklion, Crete. Gasification is a modern technology of waste utilization, which is a pioneering method at the Panhellenic level and will be the first time that it will be applied in Crete. The produced synthetic gas (syngas) is a fuel, which will be used to produce electric and heat energy. The electric energy will be exported to the electricity grid, while the thermal energy will be used for the needs of the neighboring industrial park. The capacity of the gasification system is 6 ton/d.

This pioneering project concerning the efficient and integrated waste management and the creation of the Circular Economy Park in Heraklion will contribute to the faster green transition and the achievement of the ultimate goal, Crete to become the "green" island that will give quality of life to its residents and visitors.

The project is funded by the United Association of Solid Waste Management for Crete (ESDAK), with the scientific support of the Technical University of Crete and the National Technical University of Athens.